Amit Security Systems was established in 1994 order to meet the complex needs of establishments in the area of security and prevention.

The company combines a wealth of knowledge in security and the latest in technology systems for the industry, utilizing them from the project set-up phase to organizing all aspects of day-to-day management’s security needs.

Security arrangements in today's market demand knowledge and prior meticulous planning which includes aspects of managing professional manpower and operating advanced security and safety systems. These operations take place in a context that stresses a high level of service, professional security management and combines both manpower and technology.

We focus on security. That is our business. Utilizing our database from outlets we operate, hands-on experience and a wealth of contacts in all government institutions; we are able to react quickly and efficiently. We guarantee security solutions that are both first-rate and user friendly.

Amit provides a “basket” of services under a single roof, thus ensuring the establishment of a first-rate security department.  We supply a firm foundation of skilled and reliable manpower, means and equipment, procedures and regulations, a comprehensive instruction program, drill and control.

A tailored plan for the establishment you represent will be developed according to the following principles:

  1. Solutions for every need:  Conducting a security survey and developing a security system including job descriptions that covers all security needs.
  2. Building on existing resources:  Keeping the current security guards but developing a more efficient timetable.
  3. Security supervision: A Chief Security Officer that will oversee the organization’s security system, under direct supervision of Amit professional staff.
  4. Technical systems deployed to facilitate security needs.
  5. A net of security: We will put your establishment on a net of security “contacts” for online “alerts”. Police, Firefighters, Rescue crews and First aid teams will all be contacted and contacts refreshed.
  6. Training for professionalism: Specific personnel will be trained in security and fire safety within the work environment.
  7. Security 24 hours a day: A visual 24 hour watches on cameras of the premises via internet. A mobile armed crew on call alert calls 24 hours a day. Alert systems connected to more than one security center.
  8. investigation office all over the world